Advancing food loss technologies and policies

Advancing food loss technologies and policies

13.02.2024 10:00 - 13.02.2024 12:00
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On Tuesday, February 13th, join us for the groundbreaking conference “Advancing food loss technologies and policies” at the European Parliament (Room A5E1), in Brussels. 

The roundtable discussion aims to address the causes and impact of food loss and waste, introduce cutting-edge technologies, and showcase successful case studies. Outstanding speakers will also spotlight business organisations that, by implementing innovative organisational processes and equipment/technologies, are contributing to the reduction of food loss and waste; finally, we will explore EU strategies and policies addressing this critical issue.

Reducing food loss and waste is a paramount for lowering GHG emission, preventing land degradation, safeguarding  biodiversity, and ensuring food security. Be part of the conversation as we explore how food supply chains play a pivotal role through investments in the innovative processes and advanced technologies.

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