Eurelectric Annual Power Summit 2019

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Da 20.05.2019 08:00 fino a 21.05.2019 09:30
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Visite: 395

Firenze, 20 - 21 maggio 2019


New concepts, new business models, new perspectives. Tomorrow is in everyone’s hands. Of all those who believe, dream and project a better world. Those who bring us a more sustainable and trustworthy world to live in. Those who are ready to power tomorrow.

In the focus:
New Leaders: Adapt. Innovate. Transform. Who will have the agility and take the responsibility to pave the way to a net zero emissions society by 2050?
Leading Customers: The core of the energy system. What does power to the people really mean? What does it take for a company to be able to respond to changing customer expectations?
Leading Service Providers: New players will continue to emerge. Explore cutting-edge business models and harness the potential of new technologies, fueled by digitalisation and decentralisation trends. All with a costumer and service oriented angle.
Leading Technologies: Can competition from large energy and tech players turn challenges into opportunities? Will innovation in generation, storage, digital solutions and e-fuels lead the way?

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